Protective Packaging

  • Counter Rolls

    Brown paper rolls - all weights and sizes - popular GSM is either 50, 60, 70 or 85.

    Roll widths from 300 to 1200mm.

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    Kraft Paper Counter Rolls

    494PR Width: 400mm Length: 400m GSM: 49
    493PR Width: 300mm Length: 450m GSM: 50
    4937PR Width: 375mm Length: 450m GSM: 50
    496PR Width: 600mm Length: 450m GSM: 50
    497PR Width: 750mm Length: 450m GSM: 50
    499PR Width: 900mm Length: 450m GSM: 50
    4912PR Width: 1200mm Length: 450m GSM: 50
    4915PR Width: 1500mm Length: 450m GSM: 50
    4918PR Width: 1800mm Length: 450m GSM: 50
    604PR Width: 450mm Length: 340m GSM: 60
    606PR Width: 600mm Length: 340m GSM: 60
    607PR Width: 750mm Length: 340m GSM: 60
    609PR Width: 900mm Length: 340m GSM: 60
    674PR Width: 450mm Length: 320m GSM: 70
    676PR Width: 600mm Length: 320m GSM: 70
    677PR Width: 750mm Length: 320m GSM: 70
    679PR Width: 900mm Length: 320m GSM: 70
    6712PR Width: 1200mm Length: 320m GSM: 70
    6715PR Width: 1500mm Length: 320m GSM: 70
    6718PR Width: 1800mm Length: 320m GSM: 70
    896PR Width: 600mm Length: 235m GSM: 80
    897PR Width: 750mm Length: 235m GSM: 80
    899PR Width: 900mm Length: 235m GSM: 80
    8911PR Width: 1140mm Length: 235m GSM: 80
    8912PR Width: 1200mm Length: 235m GSM: 80
    8915PR Width: 1500mm Length: 235m GSM: 80
    1501PR Width: 1150mm Length: 110 GSM: 160
    1502PR Width: 1520mm Length: 110m GSM: 160
    2151PR Width: 1140mm Length: 100m GSM: 185
    2152PR Width: 1520mm Length: 100m GSM: 185
    SRS9PR Width: 900mm Length: 100m GSM: 235

    Kraft Paper Sheets

    REN1PA Width: 210mm Length: 297m GSM: 80 Notes: 633/Pack
    WAR1PA Width: 1020mm Length: 760m GSM: 40 Notes: 500/Pack

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