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  • Furniture Bags

    We now carry vast range of furniture bags to cater several industries – Bedding / Furniture Manufacturers, Furniture Retail Outlets and more…

    These bags can be used for storage or delivery purposes as well.

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    DOM2SPB Length: 2500mm Width: 100mm + 800mm Thickness (microns): 75 2 Seat Lounge
    DOM3SPB Length: 3000mm Width: 1000mm + 800mm Thickness (microns): 75 3 Seat Lounge
    DOMSPB Length: 2250mm Width: 1200mm Thickness (microns): 75 Single Matress
    DOMMQPB Length: 2360mm Width: 1500mm + 300mm Thickness (microns): 100 Queen Matress
    DOMMKPB Length: 2400mm Width: 1830mm + 350mm Thickness (microns): 100 King Matress
    DOMJPB Length: 4500mm Width: 1000mm = 800mm Thickness (microns): 75 Jumbo

    Suitable for Several Packaging needs. These are really big bags and can be used for any purpose.

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