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  • Knives & Blades

    We stock a full range of safety knives with break-off blades.

    Also Stanley Knives.

    All blades to suit.

    Safety containers for used blades.

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    655EQ Description: Knife OLFA Small 9mm - break off blade
    AB105EQ Description: Blade OLFA Small 9mm 10/pack
    A17EQ Description: Knife A17 Small 9mm - break off blade
    A13EQ Description: Blade A13 9mm 10/pack
    OLKEQ Description: Knife OLFA Large 18mm - break off blade
    OBEQ Description: Blade OLFA Large 18mm 10/pack
    A15EQ Description: Knife A15 Large 18mm - break off blade
    A16EQ Description: Knife A16 Large 18mm Metal insert - break off blade
    A11EQ Description: Bade A11 Large 18mm 10/Pack
    A29EQ Description: Knife Metal retractable Yellow [Stanley Style]
    975EQ Description: Blade [Stanley Style] 10/pack
    A38EQ Description: Safety Knife Spring retractable
    A33EQ Description: Blade for Safety Knife 10/pack
    105EQ Description: Knife Silver Shark fixed trimming knife
    BMKEQ Description: Knife Bootmakers 100mm Blade
    A42EQ Description: Blade Disposable container Small 0.25 ltr
    A43EQ Description: Blade Disposable container Medium 0.50 ltr
    CK700EQ Description: DAFA Rotary Cutter
    SK600EQ Description: Blades for Rotary Cutter

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