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Auspackaging looks after packaging needs for several well known brands and companies across diverse range of industries. We cater to service all their needs in timely manner. All packaging needs are serviced by friendly staff, for which we have been awarded several industry awards.


It’s great to be involved with educational institutes throughout Australia. We can customise any job based on client needs. We have serviced several education institutes, universities and schools for many years. We specialize in several areas and do accommodate university fairs, exhibitions, special projects, promotions and several storage solutions.


At Auspackaging, we have solutions for all your needs. We supply great range of packaging products for companies who sell goods local, interstate or overseas. We have specially designed packaging, which can be printed in your corporate colours. It’s a very effective and cost saving solution for postage. If you need special care, we can work with you one to one.


We care passionately about the world and the disadvantaged. We have several not for profit organizations, as our customers. We support and work with them on several different community projects, promotions & campaigns. We supply great range of printed show bags for several organizations.


We have strong relationships with several advertising agencies. We service several campaigns and promotions run by these agencies. As digital has become a larger slice of the agency pie, lot’s of online and product promotions have been done through these agencies. We supply a great range of packaging products for promotions; these includes reclose able bags, plastic bags, printed material and custom made goods. For better results, we can work with you to customise your solutions.


We service several production agencies internationally. We supply top brands, and our Nashua Gaffer tape & Stylus premium double sided cloth tape are always in demand.


We supply to lots of staging companies. Our Stylus 720 premium double-sided cloth tape has been certified by Darling Harbour Authority NSW & Old Exhibition Buildings VIC. We have been supplying our products to several trade shows and exhibitions.

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We operate our own same or next day delivery service throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area and promise you attention you never thought possible!

Our Sydney phone number is
02 9905 8455.

Business Hours:
8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
Pickups by 4.30 please.